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  1. ja, i totally agree  :)

    .. and how i tried to point out.. this is now what works for me in windows.. i have not tried in adnroid, where i have no clue how the "Toggle between fullscreen/windowed mode" would behave ...

    so, your explanation is just fine.. and i am not saying you need to change it .. ok, my wording might be a bit brutal with "wrong" ...

    but maybe your explanation should be included in the manual.. cause your lines are actually very important

    thanks for helping!


  2. hey guys,

    i was just able to perform some tests... sooooo... the keyboard interface is the way to go!

    following this page http://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls

    for 1: shutdown

    • in the kodi interface is programmed "CTRL+END Exit Kodi (Only on Home Screen)" as yawor mentioned
    • what is needed is from the keyboard interface "S Shutdown menu "

    for 2: fullscreen

    • in the kodi interface is programmed "\ backslash Toggle between fullscreen/windowed mode"
    • what is needed is  from the keyboard interface "Tab  Fullscreen playback"

    i still think the kodi interface is done wrong,, at least for windows ..

  3. hi everyone,

    i am running kodi 15.2 on a win10 tronsmart ara x5.

    so, flirc (v. 1.3.6) came in quite handy .. but i have issues with 2 buttons:

    1. shutdown: doesn't do anything
    2. fullscreen: actually minimizes my kodi into a windows window and back again to the fullscreen mode.. but does not get the streamed media to go on fullscreen

    is it me.. or is the win implementation not doing what it should?

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