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  1. Using FLIRC to control my new Macbook Pro retina with old white Apple remote. Using FLIRC I am able to start/stop movie in Quicktime Player, start presentations and advance forward and back in Keynote, and I can increase and decrease the volume system-wide. This setting also allows you to go forward and back in PowerPoint, but the play button doesn't start the slide show. It was a bit trying to get it to work because the f10 &f11 cannot be assigned to control the volume, so this should save you some frustration. 1) Plug in FLIRC 2) Dismiss/ignore any prompt that tells you about an unrecognizable keyboard 3) Open FLIRC app 4) It should default showing the minimalist controller layout (left, right,up, down, enter, back) 5) DONT press the GO! button to start the automated process 6) Click on the green left arrow and then click on the left direction on the remote 7) Click on the green right arrow and then click on the right direction on the remote 8) Go to the controller menu and select MEDIA KEYS (this refers to media keys and not just a 'media computer' like it suggests) 9) Click on the gray play button and then click on the play button on the remote 10) Click on the gray volume up button and then click up on the remote 11) Click on the gray volume down button and then click down on the remote There you are done! I noticed that Powerpoint 365 uses shift command return to play the slide show. If you wish to map the MENU button on the remote to start your Powerpoint, here is how you do that 1) Go FULL KEYBOARD under CONTROLLERS 2) Click on the gray virtual keyboard shift command return 3) Click on the menu button on the remote, this should allow you to start Powerpoint presentations using that button
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