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  1. Good morning, really, the problem is a bug with Harmony 350 remote control and MyHarmony app. With the actual software you can't change the power button signal and always maintains the default option. Thanks for the response.
  2. Good morning, first sorry for my bad English, I try explain my problem. I have the Flirc Streacom Edition Model. I configure my harmony 350 with Flirc profile but it hasn't the power button mapped and it doesn't emit any signal. In the harmony I learn a remote signal and assign it to power button but the button doesn't emit any signal. The assign process is correct but the power button doesn't work with flirc profile (it doesn't emit any signal), but with others profiles it works perfect and it emit signals. Can Someone say me how can I make work the power button with the profile? Is necessary some actualization? Thanks for the support.
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