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  1. 13 hours ago, Joe Kaplan said:

    For completeness, I will respond to my own post. I went ahead and bought a Flirc USB receiver this weekend and just tested it. It works great and now the Menu button works with Fire TV. So, it appears that the IR hardware actually makes a difference. I will buy another one shortly. Thanks for creating this device!

    I have the new Fire Cube and the new Flirc also. I am using a URC MX-900 universal remote. The Flirc works great for all apps except for HULU, where the 'enter/ok/select' button does not work.

    I am able to navigate thru the Cube's 'home' menu and choose all my loaded apps and navigate thru them without a problem, EXCEPT for the HULU app.  To be clear, I can choose the HULU app and it opens, but when I try to choose my profile by using the 'select' button on my MX-900 nothing happens. If I use the Fire's remote I can choose my profile and get into the app, and from there I can navigate thru HULU using all the other buttons (Lt, RT, up ,down,etc)  except the 'select' using my universal remote. @jason when I choose my profile in the HULU app using the Fire's remote I need to push the 'enter' button twice to choose my profile. Don't know what that means, but its repeatable every time I use the Fire remote to open and enter the HULU app.

    Joe, if you have the HULU app could you please check to see if you are able to use the 'enter' button from your Harmony remote in the HULU app.

    Thanks, Tom

  2. 2 hours ago, jason said:

    Yes, you need a USB on the go adapter. However, I have an new product with one built in. Any chance you’d want one for free in exchange for some helpful feedback?

    Heck Yeah ! I will be happy to act as a 'beta' or 'early adopter' or whatever and provide feedback.

    I'm not sure how to get you my address though.

  3. I searched for Amazon Fire Cube and this was the closest thread I could find here. So:

    -Does flirc work with the Fire Cube Gen2 ??

    -Besides a Flirc and Cube is all I should need is a micro usb > usb adapter ??

    I have  new Flirc and have the latest firmware. I have programmed the Flirc with my URC MX-900  to the Amazon Fire configuration and saved. Am I all set to go?? Just want to confirm that this will work with the Cube Gen2 before I go to BB and buy one .


  4. Hi,


    What you need to know is that Flirc acts as a keyboard in the system. So you should be able to do everything you are able to do from your normal keyboard. The configuration "pages" (they are called controllers in the GUI) are mostly shortcuts for keyboard controller. Media controller is probably the only exception as there are no media keys on the keyboard controller.


    If you know hotkeys for the JRiver you can use the keyboard controller very easily. Just select the combination of keys you need in the GUI (first modifiers like shift, ctrl etc if any and then specific key like a, b, c etc). Then the GUI will ask you to press some button on the remote.


    As for the phantom presses every few seconds try covering Flirc with your hand to check if it really receives some signal. If the presses stop then there is some infrared noise which is received by the Flirc. You need to make sure that when you record your buttons there are no other signals or noise.

    This doesn't work.

    I have tried your method with 2 different flirc's. Does not work. Keep getting messages 'button already recorded' when the button has not been recorded. Your device does not work with JRiver MC20 using the keyboard controller GUI.

    I have tried numerous times.

    I open the flirc keyboard controller. It prompts to 'click a key to start recording'. I point and click on 'control' and 'P'. It then prompts to push remote key you want to match with command. So I push 'play' the key on my URC 900 that has been loaded with sony dvd commands (since I do not use any sony devices). It states 'recorded successfully'. No message comes up to prompt choosing another button/command. So I push 'control' 'S' and am prompted to push a remote key I want to match. So I pushed the 'stop' button I my remote.

    Then on the GUI the 'control', 'P', and 'S' buttons are all flashing on and off !!??? It doesnot allow me to record any other commands. Keeps saying that the button has already been recorded, cancel/redo.

    Either I am not understanding your instructions or your firmware does not work.

    If I am doing this incorrectly, please help me understand how to do it correctly.

    If the firmware is not working please fix.

    Or better yet , make a controller specifically for JRiver MC as you have done for Windows Media or boxee.

  5. I am trying to use a URC-900 remote to control my laptop when running JRiver MC20.

    I read on the support page the hints on using a URC remote. I loaded sony commands into my URC. I then went to the gui.

    I have the choices under 'controllers' of minimalist, full keyboard, etc.  The best choice seems to be 'media keys'. So I matched the sony commands to the 'media keys' and then tried to control MC20. It responded, but didn't work correctly.

    If I hit the 'next' > key on my remote it skips to the next song, BUT THEN EVERY FEW SECONDS IT WILL SKIP TO THE NEXT SONG without hitting any remote keys. Its as if it were receiving ir commands on its own. I moved the remote out of the room to make sure that the remote wasn't sending an unwanted command, but the problem continued.


    Am I using the wrong 'controller' page for setup??


    I have the JRiver MC20 keyboard hot keys and could use them to enter and match commands if that is possible, but when I opened 'full keyboard' it seems to be for controlling an external device like playstation with a computer keyboard key punch, which is not what I want.


    Is there a controller page specifically for JRiver MC??



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