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  1. I have an Xbox One with Kinect and I have got it to control my FireTV which has Kodi installed on it. I looked on the forum before buying to see if anyone had this working but I couldn't find anything so I decided to buy and try. ## I can only get 7 command working since when the XBone only sends out IR on 7 commands to control your cable box when in TV app. Other commands like ONEguide don't send IR. If there are more let me know but I could only get 7 commands### Since I didn't have a remote I had to tell the XBone that I had a cable box so that it will send those IR commands out when using voice commands. I picked COX and any type of model. I don't believe it matters since you will pair these commands with the FLIRC. The XBone voice commands that can be paired are . XBOX SKIP BACKWARD XBOX REWIND XBOX STOP XBOX PAUSE XBOX PLAY XBOX FAST FORWARD XBOX SKIP FORWARD I setup my laptop with FLIRC software and FLIRC installed. Lauch it v3.6 and open up the firetv skin. I had my laptop setup near my Kinect so it can capture the IR signal. The voice commands can also be control with a controller. I then simply paired the following. XBOX SKIP BACKWARD = LEFT XBOX REWIND = UP XBOX STOP = SELECT XBOX PAUSE = RETURN/ESCAPE XBOX PLAY = PLAY/Pause XBOX FAST FORWARD = Right XBOX SKIP FORWARD = Down This allows me work voice control my FireTV which in term controls Kodi. I do sometimes get double or triple commands sent. I saw a few tipson how to try to resolve them and hope that fixes it.
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