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  1. Ahhh- I see what your saying. I was looking under Amazon as manufacture. Thanks for the clarification !!!
  2. Not sure what you mean by Harmony FireTV profile. I am using an older Harmony 900 and there wasn't a way to add a FireTV to the remote - but knowing the Fire is bluetooth based I wasn't too concerned. Based on this thread (I know some of it goes way back) it didn't seem like the FLIRC came with anything programmed in it. When I loaded the software on my desktop and plugged in the FLIRC I could not find anyway to verify what (if any) codes were preset. I will admit I never tried to just plug it in to the FireTV and go. Maybe I made this harder then it needed to be - :o
  3. flyingflirc - Just wanted to say I was able to use your suggestion and it worked perfect. While I didn't have an older IR Roku remote to use (mine are all motion so they use Wi-Fi direct) I did have my Harmony set with a Roku config for all buttons. I had just swapped my Roku 3 for the fireTV (I was using the fireTV remote while I worked on getting my FLIRC properly configured) so I just used the Harmony to send the codes to my FLIRC and then tested. ABSOLUTELY flawless ! Now I will simply rename the device/activity to fireTV. Since this worked it actually makes adding the fireTV to a Harmony super easy, even if you don't have access to an older IR Roku remote: 1) Add a Roku to your Harmony (I used the Roku 3). 2) Rename the device to fireTV 3) Add activity, map the Roku keys to whatever keys/soft buttons you want [NOTE the fireTV button that looks like 3 horizontal lines should be mapped to the Roku * (asterisk) button] 4) Use Harmony to program your FLIRC 5) Put into fireTV USB port and test Thanks again for the great help !!
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