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  1. Hi everyone, Forgive me for bringing up a topic that has already been discussed, but being a new FLIRC user, I don't know the current state of the issue as of today in February 2015. I purchased two FLIRC's. I have them now. I have on order two MCE remotes from Amazon because I liked their layout, slim size and profile. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GGX4XVW/ref=pe_385040_128020140_TE_3p_dp_1 I will probably throw away the IR sensors in favor of FLIRC. So while I'm waiting for the remotes to show up, I found this: http://kodi.tv/flirc-a-new-old-way-to-control-xbmc/ There is mention of an issue with 56Khz ranges and the FLIRC. Is this still a problem? How would I know if my particular MCE remote supported that funky range? And can FLIRC still work with them? If the answer to any of that is NO, I'd like to return the Amazon package before I open it. And lastly, if MCE remotes are indeed problematic, is there a recommended alternative that works with FLIRC?
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