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  1. Sorry, maybe it's not completely universal. it's got its own set of commands and it can emulate other (limited list of) remotes and can learn some functions from other remotes. most importanly, nothing with the remote configuration has changed between the time the Flirc was working properly with this remote and when it stopped working. the only difference was the upgrade to the 3.5 firmware.
  2. Yamaha RAV370 universal/programmable remote. it was bundled with the Yamaha DSP-AX3800 A/V amplifier
  3. I think I'm having a related issue although I'm using a Yamaha RAV370 universal remote. I recently upgraded Flirc to 1.3.4 (fw 3.5) and suddenly my keymappings stopped working. I reloaded my config to no avail so I decided to start re-programming it. This remote sends alternating key sequences so I have to record two key presses per key assignment. I'm finding that in some cases Flirc is reading the second key assignment as a previously assigned key. as an example, let's say I assign the up arrow , then I assign the left arrow, the second key assignment for the left arrow will sometimes become the up arrow. It will pop up a "Button already exists!" dialog box. I've followed some of the troubleshooting tips from this page: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204074695-Flirc-isn-t-sending-the-correct-function-to-my-device are there any additional diagnostics / troubleshooting available? all of this worked properly with firmware 3.3, is there any way to downgrade the firmware for a quick fix? I'm using Flirc on a mac running OS X 10.7.5. I didn't see any command line utilities for the mac. Thanks
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