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  1. Feel free to put any material in it for your help center, as that's where I got all the info to begin with. :) My blog post 1) Setup your Harmony Remote Add a new device in your Harmony setup. The brand is FLIRC, and the model is XBMC Edit your PS4 activity to use the FLIRC device to control your PS4 Go to the assign button menu, select "PS4", click on the MENU button, and assign it as "INFO" in the FLIRC device. (more info) https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201676079-Harmony-Remote-Control 2) Setup the FLIRC device Download the FLIRC GUI Install the GUI first, before plugging device into your PC Start the FLIRC setup program Plug in your FLIRC dongle Align the Harmony infrared hub to the FLIRC dongle From the pull down menu, select "CONTROLLER", then choose "keyboard" (more info) https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202923419-Controllers-in-the-Flirc-GUI At this point, assign Harmony buttons to the keyboard keys 3) Assigning Harmony Buttons On the FLIRC setup program, click on the Enter key on the keyboard Hit the OK button on the Harmony remote Program should respond by saying "button learned" Now the OK button is assigned! Repeat for all other keyboard keys that are used by the playstation. Here's a list: In the PS4 interface Action Keyboard Key Harmony Key Back Esc Exit Dual Shock 4 Options button F3 Yellow DS4 Share button Prt Sc/SysRq Record Back to inserted disk menu Pause/Break Menu Back Backspace Return Enter Enter OK Up Up arrow Up Left Left arrow Left Right Right arrow Right Down Down arrow Down In-movie controls Action Keyboard Key Harmony Key Pause/On-screen display Esc Exit on-screen display F1 Red Blu-ray pop-up menu F2 Green Disc options/Netflix Pagedown F3 Yellow, Channel - Netflix Pageup F4 Blue, Channel + Pause/On-screen display Backspace Return Bring up BD pop-up menu Up arrow Up Close BD pop-up menu Down arrow Down Moving in menus Right/left arrow Right/Left Enter Enter OK (more info) https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203167509-Setting-up-Flirc-with-PS4 4) Assign the Pause/Break button Notice that the Pause/Break button is crossed out, that's because the GUI interface doesn't include that button for some reason. You'll need to assign that button through the command line interface: Exit the FLIRC setup program (a must) Access command line mode on your PC (select Accessories from the Start Menu and select Command Line, or run a command called "CMD") Go to directory where FLIRC is installed (usually /Program Files/FLIRC) ** when typing the first command, include the double quotes cd "program files" cd flirc Run the following command: flirc_util record pause Hit the Menu button on the Harmony remote 5) Connect the FLIRC dongle to PS4 The dongle too wide to fit the front slot on the PS4, you can: Remove the clear casing by prying it open with a small flat screwdriver so it'll fit Run an USB extension cable from the back Most of you probably know this but to turn off your PS4, hit the Menu button to get back to the main menu, then hit up to select the PS4's sub menu, and the power options is on the far right. That's it! Finally we have one remote to rule them all (except for starting the PS4)
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