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  1. Any thoughts on solving the press and hold for FF and Rewind on my FireTV? I get continuous IR signals from my remote, checked on my camera, but the result is a series of 10 second FF or Rewind commands, depending on how long I hold the button down, rather than going into the true FF or Rewind that the AFTV gives with a long press.
  2. I also have a URC remote (MX-900). I used the Fire TV controller and programmed the remote and all the regular key presses work. The Rewind and FF work for the short key presses (10 second skip), but I cannot get a long key press. What do I need to do to get the long key presses programmed? I bought the FLIRC specifically so I could get FF and REW on my URC remote. The MCE remote / IR receiver I bought worked for the other buttons too, so the whole point of getting FLIRC was to enable the FF and REW buttons.
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