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  1. Jason - I've pinged you on gchat and emailed you twice on 'Jason Kotzin (sales@flirc.tv)' but you are a busy man. Can you send me an email to let me know what time works for you (you can find my email on order no.3965) Thanks
  2. Guys - can I get some help here? I'm reaching the end of what I can try by myself
  3. I tried what Jason mentioned and change the sens without closing the GUI but it returns this error: C:\Program Files (x86)\flirc\cli>flirc.exe sensitivity 1 Warning: cannot open USB devicedevice disconnected, can't run command With the GUI closed, it provides this output: sensitivy set: 1 You must re-learn your remote buttons with every different sensitivity C:\Program Files (x86)\flirc\cli> Jason - how do I post my configuration after each sens setting? What file should I attach here?
  4. chrisI apologize for my wording. Originally I only closed the GUI and re-opened it. But after Chris' advice, I did it again the way he told me I should. I will try once again removing and putting the USB back in without closing the GUI. Yes Chris - my single key in XBMC repeats 4-5 times. So if I press left or right on my Logitech 670, it jumps 3-4 steps. I even tried to tune inter-key delay in logitech software but that made no difference
  5. This is what I did - with Flirc GUI closed, I ran flirc.exe sensitivity 0, then unplugged the USB key and put it back in, opened Flirc GUI, erased the right directional key, re-learnt it and tried in XBMC. I repeated the same process with every sensitivity level With sensitivity 1, the remote just doesn't work. With 0,2 & 3 it seems to make no difference and a single press results in 3-4 jump in steps
  6. I didn't unplug flirc - doesn't it take effect by simply closing and re-opening the program?
  7. Logitech 670 with Flirc Flirc Version 1.0.2 [0000000000000000] Firmware Version: 1 10-02-2011 In harmony software, added flirc as Panasonic TC-P65VT30 guys i can't get the sensitivity to work. As referred to in this thread, I went into the CLI folder and did a flirc.exe sensitivity 0 and then played with 1,2,3 values as well. Then I re-opened flirc and re-learnt the right direction key However, a single press like a direction key is taken multiple times inside xbmc. I even played with inter-key delay 0-200 and it makes no difference. Is there a later software than Oct 2011 and how do I fix this problem? Thanks
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