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  1. Is 1.2.9 for linux still available somewhere?
  2. I see no change when I set the interkey delay to 5 or 6. Flirc also sometimes seems to ignore remote button presses. It feels less sensitive than before. Actually, I upgraded to firmware 3.5 in the hope that it would fix the troubles my flirc developed in the last 1-2 days. First it stopped responding completely, then after changing the USB port and relearning the keys, I had the problem of keys getting stuck almost every time on a long press. I don't remember the exact firmware version, but it was 2.x (with flirc gui 1.2.6). edit: I just wanted to add that I have been using flirc almost every day since July 2014. So far I never had any trouble and really enjoyed controlling my PC with an IR remote.
  3. The remotes are 1. From a Yamaha RX-V373 receiver. 2. From an Epson TW 3200 projector. 3. Universal Remote URC 7960. I've tried the device codes of various TV and SAT receivers. I checked with my cell phone camera to verify that the IR LED is lit all the time when holding a key.
  4. Hi, after upgrading to firmware 3.5, I cannot get long key presses to work. I tried 3 different remotes. All of them used to work with flirc just fine. Process: Format flirc, learn a key, say 'x'. Open a text editor, press and hold the button on the remote. Expected behavior: One 'x' should appear immediately in the text editor. Then many 'x' should appear due to key repeat as long as I hold the button on the remote. Observed behavior: Most of the times, a single 'x' appears immediately and then nothing else happens (all while holding the button on the remote). Sometimes, 10-20 'x' appear and then the repeating stops. Very rarely the key gets stuck and 'x' appear until I unplug flirc or hit a key on the usb keyboard. -- I've tried all values of inter-key delay with no observable change. Is there anything I can do?
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