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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get the flirc (3.4) running together with the Windows media Center and the Logitech Hub. The normal Key (Cursor keys and 0-9) are working fine for me, BUT all Special keys combinations are problematic. If I set Inter-Key Delay lower than 5, then the WMC receives ALL key twice or never. Is the Inter-Key Delay greater than 4, then the normal keys are working fine. Keys like CTRL+O are only works sometime. The suspend button needs a Long-press instead of a normal short-press. Does somebody have a similar experience and hopefully a solution for this? Thanks in advance Marc
  2. Hello, how I can configure FLIRC to search in the Music library for example with key "5" on my remote for: 1. click = j 2. click = k 3. click = l 4. click = 5 That the normal behavior with my imon remote, but with FLIRC i get allway only the "5" on keypress. Thanks in advance Marc
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