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  1. Hello ImCoKeMaN Thanks for your kind reply and also on a christmas day and pointing me in the right direction. I have now redone the Flirc and can now confirm that it is working how it should, I can now return out of a film and get back to the menu system I have also XMBC sideloaded on the FireTV and this also works as well with the Harmony touch remote. Once again thanks and a Merry Christmas.
  2. Hello, I have just bought myself a Flirc to use with my Amazon FireTv and have been reading this thread with much intrest. I have the following setup , Flirc Version 1.3.0 with FW3.3 which I think is the latest version, and a Harmony touch remote. I have used the Flirc app to setup or recorded the 11 keys on the Harmony remote, I have then connected the remote to the my Marmony app and selected the Flirc device model XMBC, and synced the information to my remote. I have then added the Flirc to the Amazon FireTV and am now abe to move through the menus and select diffrent menus using the up down, left right buttons I can also select a programe to watch and it will start to play etc, I can also fastforward and rewind the filme BUT where I have problems is trying to stop or exit out of a film and get back to the main Amazon FireTV menu on the amazon remote, so the button "Home" or the "Return" button is not working even though I set theses buttons using the Flirc app, I have even downloaded another useres config file for Amazon FireTV and this has the same problem. So im at a loss how I can get the Harmony touch remote to fully work, and if the problem lies with the Flirc config or the profile in myharmony I would be greatfull of any help and advice or a point in the right direction.
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