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  1. As seen on this image here the keys circled in red aren't map'able on my harmony650 remote... thanks :)
  2. hey guys, thats something i would want to confirm again,,, like pseudo7 said, even if you create a MCE KEYBOARD device (not recommended) in your Harmony setup, and used the Harmony software to map keyboard keys to desired buttons on your remote, FLIRC doesnt care!! FLIRC will work only if you MAP'ed the buttons using its GUI!! to setup your Harmony remote, i suggest you follow this
  3. im experiencing this also,,, example, when browsing XBMC's main menu, using the arrows on my Harmony650, i have to press the same arrow button twice before seeing it move on screen... and if i use my HP IR Receiver, no issues at all! its navigation is perfect!
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