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  1. yes!! with my harmony650, it works when using one of those 2 TV profiles i've listed in post #4!! So basically, Windows 7 x64 + Harmony 650 (using these profiles) + Flirc = Scroll Fast when holding down arrow keys!! try it!! :)
  2. farewell, but point is, just add a profile of a device you dont have in your HTPC setup, and as the author JASON suggested, i too, strongly suggest you add a TV profile, example either a Panasonic TC-P65VT30 or SAMSUNG LN46C650L1F!! i tested both of these TV profile and they work %100!! No repeat key issues and if you hold down left or right arrow, it'll scroll fast!! then using the HARMONY software or MyHarmony.com just make sure to not leave buttons un'asssigned on which ever profile you use becuz if u do, those un'assigned buttons wont be map'able using FLIRC's GUI! So dont go crazy here, the point is simply to assign actions to buttons on your remote,, which action it is and on which buttons its assigned FLIRC doesnt care! Like i said, your official map'ing will be done using FLIRC's GUI anyways! and also, make sure to not assign the same action twice here!! So use different actions for each buttons! this will prevent the famous 'Button already exists' error from showing up when you'll configure your harmony using FLIRC's GUI! give it a shoti! :)
  3. what do u mean by 'I meant to flag the + and - issue' ? o.O
  4. ok! i found a working combination here! it might shed some light for new users!! FLIRC + HARMONY 650 to have your harmony remote work without issues with your FLIRC dongle, i commend you to stay away from adding Microsoft devices to your harmony remote!! instead, do as follow,,, as device, you can add example --> SAMSUNG LN46C650L1F (doesnt matter if you have this model or not) then, edit your buttons this way using the installed version of the HArmony Software once done, fire'up FLIRC's GUI, select FULL KEYBOARD mode for your mapping, and walla!! Enjoy a stress free HARMONY 650 + FLIRC configuration!! FLIRC + HARMONY 300i Now if you own a HARMONY 300i remote, of course, use myharmony.com to setup your buttons first, and dont go crazy here, the point is simply to assign an action to buttons on your remote,, which one it is and where i could care less! its simply to not leave a button un'asssigned becuz if u do, that button wont be map'able using FLIRC's GUI! and also, make sure to not assign the same action twice!! use different ones on each buttons! so again, once done, fire'up FLIRC's GUI, select FULL KEYBOARD mode for your mapping, and walla!! Enjoy a stress free HARMONY 300i + FLIRC configuration!! i think we should sticky that somewhere!! :)
  5. no the 650 doesnt lite'up per say,,, but i understand what u mean :) ok, well, again, the quest for the perfect Harmony profile to use with FLIRC is ON!
  6. good job! i agree, i too, will try to investigate which harmony profile to use with FLIRC to make sure that, using FLIRC's GUI in FULL KEYBOARD mode, all keys can be map'ed to a button on my 650!
  7. eskro

    eSkRo's HTPC!!

    im still trying to find out the best Profile to use with my harmony remote and FLIRC... i use it in FRONT of HTPC of course... yes, NEtFlix is currently windows only if you will,,,
  8. the 'Dongle Not Working in a different USB port' issue described in post#1 should be in your sticky too! and also, i mean, u can use literally any profile (except Microsoft) becuz the mapping is done using FLIRC's GUI... so i dont care if i have to use manufacturer: plex model: plex player in order to have my harmony working correctly..
  9. yes, very true! users can also try this :)
  10. eskro

    eSkRo's HTPC!!

    Group#7 HTPC on eSkRo's list. [CPU+HSF] AMD Athlon X3 2.9GHz Triple-Core AM3 95W [MOBO] Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2 AM3 Micro-ATX [GPU] XFX HD6450 1GB DDR3 64-bit Low Profile FanLess [RAM] G.SKILL Ripjaws 2x2GB DDR3 1333 CL7 [sSD] Corsair Nova 2.5" 32GB SATAII Trim Read:195MB/s Write:70MB/s [CASE+PSU] Antec microFusionRemote 350W 80+ Certified Micro-ATX [HDD] WD20EARS 2TB SATAII 5400RPM [WiFi] ASUS PCE-N31 IEEE 802.11b/g/n2 PCIe 300Mbps 128-Bit WPA2 [KEYBOARD] iPazzPort KP-810-10A RF 2.4Ghz [MOUSE] Gyration Air GO Plus RF 2.4Ghz [REMOTE] Logitech Harmony 650 --> Video --> SlideShow EnJoY!! :)
  11. And also CONFIRMED!! the double-tap button issue also described in POST#1 is now gone at least when using a SAMSUNG harmony profile!! again, i think we should warn FLIRC users to NOT USE microsoft profiles at all!!
  12. eskro


    yepp, nice setup!
  13. CONFIRMED!! USB port bug i described in first post appears to be unique to MICROSOFT profiles!! That being said, i think we should warn FLIRC users to NOT USE microsoft profiles at all!! But in return, we should find which profile to use when using a Harmony remote!! once we find which Harmony profile works %100, then, we'll have to tell everybody!! so far, SAMSUNG profile gives me mapping issues as described in another thread i've made...
  14. well, i just tried to MAP using my HArmony remote emulating a my SAMSUNG HDTV remote, now, all those buttons that are circled in red are now map'able! however, a new issue comes up,,, under the SAMSUNG profile im using, on my Harmomy650 remote, the bottom left CLEAR and bottom right E buttons aren't map'able... i dont understand why some buttons are registering and others not,,, EDIT: i just found 2 more buttons that aren't map'able under SAMSUNG profile,,,
  15. :P think you could add the + and the - from the numpad?? those 2 keys are for controlling the volume in XBMC... and i dont want to use the XBMC mode in FLIRC's GUI,,, i prefer FULL KEYBOARD mode :) thanks!!
  16. well not really, most keys are map'able under the remote profile i use,,, its only those i circled in red that aren't map'able... wierd o.O
  17. well, i can try to use FLIRC's GUI in FULL KEYBOARD mode and set my HArmony650 to emulate my SAMSUNG's HDTV remote,,, i'll get back to you with findings... but still, main issue in this thread is the fact that if i move my FLIRC dongle in another port, it acts like its dead... nothing works till its placed back on the USB port it was on when it got configured... thx
  18. installed 0.97 but GUI still says 0.96 i think you already know about that one :P thx
  19. Hi Jason! This is a weird one,,, check this out! using FLIRC's GUI, I've done the mapping while my FLIRC dongle was plugged in front USB#1 port... now i tried to navigate XBMC's menu and its working ok,,, apart from the fact that i have to double-tap buttons on my harmony650 so something moves/reacts on the screen but anyways... Now, i decided to place my FLIRC dongle in front USB#2 port... after that, nothing works!! nothing reacts on screen no matter what! but if i replace the FLIRC dongle back into front USB#1 port, walla! Its starts to work again!! anyone of you guys have noticed a similar behavior as i did?? ok thanks :)
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