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  1. great idea! Users might be afraid that this ERASE button = CLEAR ALL buttons... but again, having a tooltip popup when mouse hovers on that ERASE button can solve this issue per se... popup can say like "click here to erase a map'ed button"
  2. well, if the remote issues needs to be in remote control forum then, to follow the patern, the Firmware Issues need to be in Firmware forum and GUI Issues need to be in GUI forum... to much forums for nothing in my opinion,,, i believe its simpler the way i suggest... BUG REPORT * Firmware Issues * GUI Issues * Remote Issues BAM!!! :)
  3. where we could place HOW TO's for FLIRC like, * HOW TO make your windows o/s SLEEP using a button on your remote * HOW TO avoid issues when configuring your HARMONY remote * and so on..... sweet?
  4. Hi there! i think we should have just 1 BUG REPORT forum and in side it, have 3 sub-forum like this BUG REPORT * Firmware Issues * GUI Issues * Remote Issues i just feel its the way it should be :P
  5. nice to see we have a forum now, but lets make it more FLIRC'ish :) lets at least put a FLIRC LOGO!
  6. eskro

    eSkRo's HTPC!!

    yes, skin is AEON MQ3
  7. notifications never worked for neither :(
  8. oh yeah, thats for sure, i'm waiting for an input from him :)
  9. i think it looks perfect with remotes like that :P
  10. i think this picture i made says it all :P agree?
  11. nice catch pseudo7! i think thats exactly what it is! again, avoid any microsoft product/emulation with FLIRC! original Xbox dvd remote may use a non standard IR frequency which would cause issues with FLIRC!
  12. FLIRC is still in early stage of development per se... such a thing could take years to see the light!
  13. HI guys, i dont want to shock anyone here but, i strongly believe that FLIRC only needs 1 controller and thats the FULL KEYBOARD controller! honestly think about it, once u can map keyboard keys to desired buttons, the sky's the limit! you have ultimate flexibility!! i mean, even tho i use XBMC, it never came to my mind to use the XBMC controller... once i saw that there's a FULL KEYBOARD controller, man, heaven on earth!! what do u guys think? :)
  14. this would be an amazing GUI improvement in my opinion! if possible, somehow show already recorded FLIRC buttons in GREEN color! it would definitely be easier to see which buttons are recorded and which ones are not! and when users would delete a recorded button, of course, it would go back to GREY color! :)
  15. When the time is right, why not add a small description of what the button were about to MAP does!? example: we can use these buttons descriptions here which are crossPlatform http://wiki.xbmc.org...Global_Keyboard :)
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