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  1. Well would ya look at that. I guess the FLIRC is sufficiently awesome that it doesn't need to be extended at all. AMAZINGLY better IR reception than my TV! :)
  2. Ah, makes sense. Anyway, I'm still waiting for some parts to actually relocate the system to the closet, so once I do, I'll see how bad the reception is as-is - and consider options :)
  3. I've just got a basic JP1 universal remote from an old cablebox that I reprogrammed. I wonder if I could use usb to ethernet plus a powered hub, if that's the case...
  4. Re: the IR extender, most of them seem to be pretty short. I'm actually gonna be running the cables through the walls and across the room via the attic - so it's a fairly permanent installation, & I want to make the right choice. I'd assume that even with a hub, USB itself wouldn't go 35 feet (am I wrong?) which was my rationale for the ethernet possibility...
  5. It's inside a shelf that's in turn inside a closet with a mirror door. Hard to imagine IR would go through all that reliably.... http://screencast.com/t/gnCYQlM3Aq
  6. Hey all, I just discovered & ordered a FLIRC - can't wait to get this thing running! I only wish I'd known about it sooner, instead of messing around with crappy Windows drivers for so many other iR remotes :) Question: my HTPC is in a closet, around ~35 ft away from the TV (cable length). What would be the best way to wire this so that I can point the remote towards the TV, and have it operate the FLIRC? The best solution I found was USB-over-cat5e (something like http://www.amazon.com/SANOXY%C2%AE-over-Extension-Cable-Adapter/dp/B003BDMK3S); do you think that should work properly? Any problems to be expected, alternatives, etc? Thanks in advance! :)
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