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  1. I would really like these things to work. If it helps, I have noticed a few "odd" behaviors I'll share: I have three old Dell Optiplex 755's running Linux Mint 17 and XBMC 13.2 with a flirc at each one: #1 continues to get "sticky key" regardless of which port it is in (i.e. I select up in a menu and the menu items continue to scroll up extremely fast. If i let it sit a little, it will stop until i press another key only to begin the process again). #2 was doing that until I moved the flirc to another port and rekeyed it. After relocation, it is sluggish requiring several key presses to move. #3 worked from day one without issue. I noticed if I had the flirc located in the front of the PC, the problem seemed to happen all the time. If I moved it to the back, the problem went away (for a little while on #1; it is now back). I am a NOOB to all of this, but can manage to get some logs and revision levels if you can tell me specifically what you want, how to get it and where to send it...
  2. I am running Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon on three computers and recently bought a flirc for each of them (two weeks ago). When I first installed them, they appeared to work okay. Within a week, the GUI would not open through the desktop on all three of them and now one of them will not stop the "sticky key" bug. I have adjusted the interkey delay to 5 and disabled all of the other features. Tonight I tried one last time to get this thing working and upgraded the firmware to 3.x, but that didn't help at all. I like the idea of the dongle, but need a device that works. If you have a fix, I am willing to try it. Otherwise, I need to know how I can return these and get my money back.
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