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  1. Expect the GUI weirdness that Jason already confirmed to be a bug (will be fixed on release), IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!! Reprogrammed Flirc with two different remotes and tested it pretty hard with different USB ports, fast keypressing, holding keys, Windows and Linux and whatnot. Rock stable so far! Good job Jason! I liked with stuck keys, but like it even more now. :-D Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, finally got time to test RC2 myself. My findings, all on Windows: 1.) Installed Gui 1.3, started Gui, plugged in Flirc, gets recognised as FW 3.1, Guis asks to upgrade to 3.3, Gui upgrades, recognises Flirc as FW 3.3, down in the middel of the GUI it says "Unsupported firmware, try upgrading". Tried closing Gui, unpluggins Flirc and redo the process multiple times. Asks me for the eighth time now after reopeneing the Gui to upgrade firmware. Flirc_Util says on status: Last upgrade attempt: Error Ignoring the upgrade message and just clear config and go ahead learning some keys works flawless for me. Some more testing needed though. 2.) Forcing FW upgrade through the menus says "Your firmware version is: 3,3 The latest firmware version is: 3.2" Sound like a typo. After doing the force upgrade, flirc_util still says error on last upgrade attempt. GUI says "Firmware successfully upgraded". 3.) While trying to use the 334kb sized flirc_util.exe from the extracted zip (release/windows), it cries about missing libusb-1.0.dll. Using flirc_util.exe (505kb) that gets installed by the installer works fine. Still, typing flirc_util without its .exe extension in a command prompt just does not work, you HAVE to write "flirc_util.exe". Not an expetected behavior. So yeah, learning keys obviously works, but some messages are very confusing. That's all for now. Cheers guys and thanks to Jason for fighting bugs for us. :-D
  3. Will gladly take a shot at it and see how it works, trying to make it act strange of course. :-D Thanks for the post!
  4. Guess that got lost in one of my earlier posts where I describes the exact behavior. ;-) It is like the second version. Hitting a key, first key gets written, a short delay, and then the keys repeat without delay. So it is like a keyboard button I push and hold deeeeep in my keyboard. :-D
  5. Thanks Jason, hanging in there. ;-) It is still totally stable for me atm. "but I think what it comes down to is something with the IR sensor. Has to be." Why? How is switching USB ports, and making it work suddenly, has anything to do with the IR sensor? What I mean is, I did not change the environment or anything, just the port what made it work. When it flips out I can push ANY key and each and everyone of them gets repeated (one after another of course), when it is working (no learning or configurnig, just using), it is super stable.... "It's causing the firmware to think the key is held down or pressed repeatedly" Totally agree with that though. But isn't this something to track down "easily"? Of course I have absolutely no insights into your hardware and I still think it is a wonderful little device. Just trying to understand the way it works here. "I can try sending you a replacement" That's why I think a replacement is not the solution here. Can't you make the firmware shut the sensor off for a short while after each key is received and dont't take the sensor's word for granted that there might be a key being pressed continously? Hihi, don't laugh at me, if I write total bs. :-D Cheers guys
  6. Hey Jason, this sounds so similar to my and others problems withe "stuck" keys. I am very sure that this would happen to him in a text editor, too. Software does not seem to be the problem here. Even plugging Flirc in a cell phone produces the problem for me. After all, that problem did not appear for the last two days here, whatever changed...
  7. Started from scratch with success. - In Windows. Cleared Config with GUI. - Relearned all keys and checked keys with Flirc_Util. All good. - Saved Config. Cleared dongle. Reloaded saved config. Check with Flirc_Util. All good. - Plugged into other USB port. Check with Flirc_Util. All good. - Plugged into loaded up Ubuntu box. Check with Flirc_Util. All good. Result: WORKING FLIRC (again) Is Flirc having a laugh here? ;-)
  8. There is something else fishy going on! I was just relearning some of the keys missing, number 1 to 4 and added two keys with modifiers "Ctrl+Shift+X". Here is a before/after Lirc_Util keys command. Look at the second output how "7" is suddenly missing! Maybe this related to the sometimes strange behavior of the dongle, seems like a bug whatsoever. Sequence Modifier are disabled in GUI. Is this needed to be able to learn keys with modifiers? As I understand it right, it is okay to not see every index number in the output as these are probably unprintable commands. Right? C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe keys Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 5E639B9B 5 1 2A32099B 6 2 BA0E9B9B 7 3 CC95779B 8 4 EE402D9B 9 5 3825899B 0 6 F79C9B9B up 7 3339099B down 8 87792D9B left 9 90F9099B right 10 9A00099B return 11 8C0C899B backspace 12 1BE91B9B c 13 65CE779B s 15 FA3E659B F8 16 2993899B f 17 5901B9B r 18 609C9B9B y 19 C7A8F79B suspend 20 9E2A9B9B l 21 A3171B9B e 22 29DC9B9B h 23 8BC72D9B i 24 C7639B9B tab 26 652FF79B x 27 D0C0099B space 28 956CAD9B p 29 32F3AD9B pageup 30 F7573F9B pagedown 33 C8021B9B w 38 20D59B9B F7 39 59D03F9B 1 40 F5AB099B 2 41 BEA1F79B 3 42 4E7E899B 4 43 C9F3AD9B F9 44 8A1AF79B F10 C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe keys Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 5E639B9B 5 1 2A32099B 6 2 CC959B9B 8 3 EE402D9B 9 4 3825899B 0 5 F79C9B9B up 6 3339099B down 7 87792D9B left 8 90F9099B right 9 9A00099B return 10 8C0C899B backspace 11 1BE91B9B c 12 65CE779B s 14 FA3E659B F8 15 2993899B f 16 5901B9B r 17 609C9B9B y 18 C7A8F79B suspend 19 9E2A9B9B l 20 A3171B9B e 21 29DC9B9B h 22 8BC72D9B i 23 C7639B9B tab 25 652FF79B x 26 D0C0099B space 27 956CAD9B p 28 32F3AD9B pageup 29 F7573F9B pagedown 32 C8021B9B w 37 20D59B9B F7 38 59D03F9B 1 39 F5AB099B 2 40 BEA1F79B 3 41 4E7E899B 4 42 C9F3AD9B F9 43 8A1AF79B F10 C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>123456
  9. Ohhh and after a reboot of my Windows PC, I plugged Flirc back in a couple of minutes ago and behavior is perfect at the moment, no stuck keys, and I am on the "bad" USB port right now, where stuck keys happended first. But still, some of my keys got lost somewhere in between trying the dongle on Linux. Whatever happened there. Does not seem to be a problem with the dongle itself sometimes, more like the OS the dongle is plugged in to does not always know how to handle it right!? Then again, maybe a slight change in configuration on the dongle makes the OS react badly. I don't know, Android works at the moment as well and I am sure did not change anything on there. Cheers guys and happy hunting
  10. @Jason Sent you a PM with my Skype. Can give dmesg output as well: [ 977.830149] usb 5-2.1: new low-speed USB device number 7 using xhci_hcd [ 977.925060] usb 5-2.1: New USB device found, idVendor=20a0, idProduct=0002 [ 977.925111] usb 5-2.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0 [ 977.925120] usb 5-2.1: Product: bootldr [ 977.925128] usb 5-2.1: Manufacturer: claylogic.com [ 2829.031523] usb 5-2.1: Product: flirc [ 2829.031527] usb 5-2.1: Manufacturer: flirc.tv [ 2829.041527] input: flirc.tv flirc as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:10.0/usb5/5-2/5-2.1/5-2.1:1.0/0003:20A0:0001.0007/input/input22 [ 2829.041942] hid-generic 0003:20A0:0001.0007: input,hidraw4: USB HID v1.01 Keyboard [flirc.tv flirc] on usb-0000:00:10.0-2.1/input0 Do we need to hit up the GUI at least once after we plug Flirc into a Linux box for the first time?
  11. Wow, this really starts to annoy me. After setting up all the keys, I plugged Flirc into the Ubuntu HTPC box to enjoy some remote controlling, but to no avail. Flirc gets recognised but no keys work, just now and then after repeating a key many many times, there was a hit. GUI shows it is connected. Tried learning a new key, no problem., but I can learn the same remote key multiple times as it seems the signal changed every single button push (didn't behave that way on Windows). Looking with "flirc_util keys" it seems some of my previously learned keys are gone! Started learning 0-10 and now the list starts with 5! Went back to Windows see Flirc not working anymore. Cleared configuration and reloaded my saved one, still shows me wrong number of learned keys AND the stuck key problem is back, now on the before working port as well. I know, many many things at once here. I am done for tonight and need to sleep. I already spent a lot more hours with this thing than I hoped for. :-(
  12. "Pressing another key on the remote does not interrupt the repeats - you've got to wait it out." That is where we differ. I can interrupt the repeating keys with another one, but then the new key gets stuck. After switching USB ports on my Lenovo x230 I have a great experience with Flirc at the moment.
  13. For me: "Or the only remedy is to press another key, but that key gets stuck." Not just a bit sticky like when I hit keys too many times to fast. Really stuck till the break of dawn. ;-) Right now, on another USB port, my nice Flirc behaves brilliantly, no stuck keys, nothing. I am back on FW3.1 by the way. And yes, I see it works great without replugging. I even have the GUI open, using flirc_util and test the commands in XBMC all at the same time right now, just minimizing the GUI. The time with the stuck keys I am very positive that I weren't able to press ANY learned keys by just closing the GUI. I had to replug Flirc first. I am using Flirc on Windows 7 64 bit right now to program it and will now hop over to the Ubuntu HTPC to test Flirc there. Thanks for the effort and your support! On another note: flirc_util only give output in a command window when you type "flirc_util.exe" INCLUDING the file extension. Made my head scratch pretty hard. ;-)
  14. Ahhhhhh thanks, I finally got what you mean. ;-) I now looked at my hardware keayboard where the key is that I want to program and then push that button at the same position on the GUI. Ok, seems I could have saved some time, if I understood earlier how to trick the program to do what I want. But at least I am capable of reading HID codes, using flirc_util commands and some other stuff now. All on the first day using Flirc. :-D Still hoping for a better layout handling in the future though.
  15. Remotes: Pioneer AXD 7247 (AV receiver), LG MKJ42519618 (TV), Speedlink SL-6399 (MCE spin off, black one), Hama MCE Remote (silver) Makes no difference which ones I use. Best help at the moment (for me) really is switching USB ports. When it works, it is a great little thing. :-D
  16. To get the right decimal HID value from your keyboard to use in record_api command, you can use this in a shell command as well: su -c "while true; do od --read-bytes=144 --width=144 -d /dev/input/event3 | awk 'NF > 1 { print \$12 }'; done" On another note, I think it is a huuuuge hassle to do all this just to get my Flirc use the "-" key instead of the "ß". :-/
  17. Trying doogies remedies, I can confirm that changing USB ports actually made things working again for me as well. Don't know for how long, I will test. I am on FW 3.0 at the moment. To clear it up: Flashing, programming on USB port 1, keys got stuck. Changing to USB port 2, everything working. Back to USB port 1, still working.
  18. Happy to help bug tracking... Country: Germany Remotes: Pioneer AXD 7247, LG MKJ42519618, Speedlink SL-6399 (black one), Hama MCE Remote (silver) Remedy: Unplug, wait some seconds OS does not seem to matter, but I use: Windows 7 64 bit, Ubuntu 14.10 64 bit, Android 4.4 Other notes: Inter-Key Delay does not make a difference (does changing the value in the GUI instantly save the setting in the dongle?), keys get repeated several times a second. For me, even the first key hit after reconfiguring Flirc produces the problem. I hit one key, it does the programmed task, pauses some miliseconds and repeats the action, so it seems, indefinitely, just like keeping a keyboard key pushed. If I hit another button on the remote, the new key gets stuck and so on. Learning process works very good, no repeating keys needed or anything. Hope you can track this down, I really would like to keep that thing and do NOT want to spend big amounts of time programming LIRC instead. ;-) Cheers UPDATE1: 20:23 Ok, I don't know what happened, but now it seems to work. I opened GUI 1.2.7, yes I downgraded to test lower FW, cleared configuration, relearned the minimalist template for my LG remote, closed the GUI to test if it works or not. Result: no commands where executed at all. I am pretty sure it worked before that way!? Ok, back to GUI, learning my Speedlink, too. Closed GUI, test, nothing happens. Alright, unplug Flirc, wait a few seconds, replug, test, WORKS FLAWLESSLY! <--- Just tested 30 seconds or so, but this is major progress for me. Am I supposed to unplug/replug Flirc first before I use it with the remotes? UPDATE2: 20:44 Can confirm working with FW 3.1 as well. I have no idea what caused this to work suddenly, but I will always replug Flirc after programming now :-) UPDATE3: 21:53 Damn it, now I felt comfortable to program all the keys I want, the key stuck problem reappeared. Still on FW3.1, still replugging every time I change a key. Keep testing
  19. Hello guys and greetings from Germany! Just got my Flirc today after seeing some videos of how easy this thing is supposed to be set up. Downloaded windows Flirc tool, put the dongle in and it seemed to upgrade to firmware to 3.1 (does show weird letters in the left down corner sometimes). Did a quick learning of the minimalist template with two different remotes and getting the same "stuck key" problem as the others here. Pretty weird and a bit diasppointing as it all looked so easy in the videos. But I am willing to bug track and get this thing working. Just how? Can try on windows and linux if it makes adifference. Oh and I just connected Flirc to my Android phone with OTG cable, same problem. :-( Andy help? Cheers
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