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  1. hi mate thanks for the reply. using v3.0. and using the following remote http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-WINDOWS-MEDIA-CENTRE-REMOTE-CONTROL-W-BATTERIES-RC118-H24-DG1-/300821546294?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Other&hash=item460a5c8536 i was under the impression that this can be used with ANY remote. that was main attraction to this device. with regards to f9.f10 etc, those are the buttons that adjust the volume on xbmc. im also unable to use any command with the centre windows button. can you help please.
  2. Hi everyone, bought a flirc usb to setup with my rc118 media remote control. Struggling to set up certain button. I thought this would solve remote issues, but it seems like alot more trouble that its worth - may send the flirc back to amazon who i bought it of if i cannot resolve the issues. trying to set the remote (full keyboard) with xbmc. first it wont record f8 - mute button with the corresponding key on remote 2nd it wont record f10 - volume up with volume up on remote. also start button wont work on remote, trying to set xbmc power button but it wont register. please help. Thanks.
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