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  1. Thanks Gents, I get it now. The MX-880 comes with no remote codes loaded on it, it is fully pc programmable, All of the codes for devices are in the CCP program, which you then use to load IR codes onto the remote via usb, meaning if you dont create a device on the remote, pushing a button will do nothing. Unlike the RF-20, which has pre-programmed codes in it. So after further reading on the forum it seems it wouldn't really matter which device code I load onto the remote, so long as it's not the same as any of my current equipment. Thanks
  2. Hi, Newby, I have an MX-880( that I programmed myself with the CCP software) that I use to control my TV, PS3(via PS3IR-1000), Amp, and will soon be adding a HTPC to the mix, so looking for control options. A user on the unRAID server forum mentioned Flirc and here I am! HTPC will be XBMC on Win 7. The URC remote software program(CCP for short) has lots of options for Mircosoft IR codes, including X-Box, XBOX 360, WMC(RC1264103) and lots of others. So for XBMC I'm presuming I would load the XBOX 360 codes onto my remote, then 'teach' the Flirc those codes. Anyone using a URC remote? Advice appreciated, Cheers
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