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  1. Hi, I got my Harmony 650 remote to work OK with WMC and FLIRC, however, I press the button, have to wait a tad until it actually moves in WMC until I press the next one otherwise it misses.  I am guessing I can fix this with interkey delay in either FLIRC or the Harmony software or the repeats in the Harmony software so I have been playing around with no luck.  It would be helpful to better understand how each of these things work.  Most forum posts I saw just say hey try increase or decreasing this or that but I feel like I am just floating around in the dark on this.  Specifically it would be great if someone could provide a good definition of each of the following AND some background on what each is actually doing.


    FLIRC Interkey Delay (one thing I don't understand is the delay in what FLIRC expects to receive or is this only the delay in how fast FLIRC sends the keyboard command...I am guessing the first because a PC should be able to rapidly receive keyboard commands and buffer them if needed), definition, how works would be great, is the 0-6 in ms or is it just 0-6 with no direct tie to the time.


    FLIRC Sequence Modifiers - not sure what this is but noticed that it needs to be on for WMC


    Harmony Interkey Delay - again define and how will this work with the FLIRC interkey delay...do they need to match, is there a best way to setup, etc.


    Harmony Key Repeats - definition, how does this relate to interkey delay issues, etc.


    Having this all in one place and how to use all of these in tweaking the performance or fixing issues would be great (I think?)!

  2. I would personally be indifferent on how it is executed.  If I had to copy or flash something preconfigured to FLIRC that's as good as plug n play to me.  I would just be happy that the top uses of the device were there (XBMC, WMC, FireTV, etc.).  My hope would be to avoid the 10 min of futzing with things myself which really turned into an hour or so of research, mapping tables, etc. so I planned out what I was doing.  I used the XBMC built in profile before and was really happy with it.  Too bad there are subtle differences for WMC (backspace to go back in a menu vs. escape like most of the rest of the world) otherwise I would think it works for 90% of what I would need.


    For now, I used a combination of the Keyboard GUI and Media Keys GUI to program everything and I am staying away from the WMC GUI until the kinks are worked out.

  3. Sorry, one more thing.  I realize XBMC is probably your biggest user base but WMC is still pretty popular.  It would be awesome to have a built in profile for WMC and a matching FLIRC WMC profile in Harmony.  That way you can probably move away from a WMC compatible remote and use your own commands that work well with FLIRC (or I guess base it off WMC but there is the double press/every other IR command is different issue I am aware of).  Anyway, it would be great to be a plug n play replacement for WMC vs. all the programming, fishing around, building tables, etc.

  4. OK, I was able to program the rest of the remote and programming twice seemed to do the trick.  Only the go back (circular arrow) key in the WMC GUI profile gave me an issue.  It said the key was already programmed and didn't seem to like accepting programming twice. None of the other keys exhibited this behavior...not sure if this is user error or a bug somewhere.

  5. Great!.  FYI, I programmed a remote last night with the Media Center GUI and a number of the above didn't work so I am guessing FLIRC is actually sending the wrong keys to WMC.  If I had some suggestions for the WMC GUI it seems to me the whole thing could use a good scrubbing.  Many keys are on the GUI but there are a lot of WMC keys missing.  I am attaching my worksheet (which is a bit messy) that maps my Harmony remote keys to the Harmony commands in the Windows Media Center PC profile for Harmony to FLIRC either Keyboard GUI or MC GUI.  There are a number of keys that I am going to the Keyboard GUI rather than the MC GUI for.  If these could be added that would be make things a lot easier.


  6. Not sure that is my exact issue.  So I did some more testing with just up/down arrows and the behavior seems to be a little less sporadic since I reset everything. 


    When I press up, I need to press twice and then it will advance 1.  This is with the interkey delay at 3.

    If I change interkey delay to 2 or less, I have to press twice for anything to happen but it happens twice...i.e. advances 2.

    If interkey delay is 3 or more, I am back to the original issue.


    I set the interkey delay at the default 100 ms in the Logitech setup, and repeats are at 3 (the maximum).


    Any advice?

  7. I am trying to setup a Harmony remote with FLIRC/WMC and noticed some inconsistencies between what is documentd by FLIRC and Microsoft re: keyboard shortcuts for WMC.  Here are links to the sources I looked at:


    Per FLIRC   https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202923419-Controller-presets-in-Flirc-GUI


    Per Microsoft    http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/media-center-keyboard-shortcuts#1TC=windows-7


    Per This Post     http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ff404226.aspx



    Summary of issues I identified....not sure if FLIRC is actually sending the wrong command or if it is just the documentation.


    PER FLIRC- Home: Windows key + alt
    PER MICROSOFT- Open Media Center or return to the Media Center start screen: Windows logo key+Alt+Enter
    PER FLIRC- Go to music: ctrl+s
    PER MICROSOFT- Go to the Music library page: Ctrl+M
    PER FLIRC- Mute: Shift + F8
    PER MICROSOFT- Mute or unmute volume: F8
    PER FLIRC- Pause: ctrl + 8
    PER MICROSOFT- Pause or resume: Ctrl+P
    PER FLIRC- Play: Ctrl + shift + 8
    PER MICROSOFT- Play: Ctrl+Shift+P
    PER FLIRC- Previous : ctrl + ,
    PER MICROSOFT- Skip back: Ctrl+B
    PER FLIRC- Stop: ctrl+shift+alt+8
    PER MICROSOFT- Stop: Ctrl+Shift+S
    PER FLIRC- Subtitles: c
    PER FLIRC- Lower volume: Shift + F9
    PER MICROSOFT- Turn down volume: F9
    PER FLIRC- Increase volume: Shift + F10
    PER MICROSOFT- Turn up volume: F10
    PER FLIRC- Page down (really last item): end
    PER MICROSOFT- Go to the last item in a list: End
    PER FLIRC- Page up (really first item): home
    PER MICROSOFT- Go to the first item in a list: Home
  8. Hi, trying to get a WMC remote to work well with FLIRC.  I am using a Harmony 650 with a Media Center PC profile.  Issues I am having are the keys seem to be at a tiny bit of a delay and/or I have to press twice to get the action to happen (up, down, etc.).  Sometimes it doesn't work at all.  WMC remotes are pretty popular so I was hoping there would be some good guidance on the forums but couldn't find anything that helped.  I also played with interkey-delay and moving the HTPC/Flirc into a cabinet under and away from the TV...no difference.


    Does anybody have a similar setup working correctly and/or some suggestions to improve the situation?



  9. So I fumbled around a while getting issues with multiple keypresses, sometimes needing to press twice on a remote button, mapping, clearing, changing settings etc. Probably blew 4 hours of my life and I think I finally landed on a solution so thought I would share:

    Harmony Setup:

    • Add Flirc XBMC device (Computer>Media Center PC>Flirc>XBMC
    • Go into "Settings" for the XBMC Device and select "Adjust the Delays (speed settings)"
    • Change "Inter-Key Delay" to 300
    • Create your Activity including the TV and the Flirc XBMC devices.
    • Go into "Settings" for the Activity and select "Troubleshoot"
    • Answer yes then on the next screen select your XBMC device.
    • Select "XBMC responds to some commands either too many times or only occasionally."
    • Change the next setting to "0".
    • Update your remote.
    Flirc Setup:
    • Clear your configuration.
    • Select File>Advanced and make sure that "Builtin Profiles" is checked (this will be autoprogramed for the Harmony Flirc XBMC device in your remote settings).
    • Make sure "Inter-Key Delay" is set to "0".
    • Close the Flirc software.
    • Plug Flirc into FireTV.
    That's it. Hopefully this works well for you.

    I will be doing some additional steps in the Harmony setup as I noticed that the Menu, Info, Exit buttons are not programmed to do anything and the Flirc XBMC device doesn't have a Guide command. So I will be adding some commands to these buttons (either existing commands or using the Red, Green, Blue, Black buttons to add as custom commands and mapping with the Flirc GUI).

    Flirc, if you could add a Guide command to the Harmony device that would be awesome. As noted I will use Green for Guide but would rather have something out of the box rather than configured by me. Also, not sure if there is an opportunity to get these mapped in the Flirc XBMC device and/or get the inter-key delay setting adjusted to match the default in Flirc (if I am doing this right!).

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