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  1. Dear all, I have a FLIRC since about 2015, and was always very happy with it. Now in 2020, I had to change a button and used the current ubuntu FLIRX software (3.25.3). I was able to reprogram the button, but since then it seems changed at all, the response and repeate rate of the buttons is very bad / slow, even if I us3e the same remote as before. Just pointing on a list on the PC and stay on down - now it goes 1 down, before it went down one for some time and then repeated without problems and fast. Now sometimes does not repeata at all or repeats slow. Can I do something to rescue it?

  2. Hello there, just to be sure that i did right for the installation of flirc:


    I want to run it with debian wheezy and i was successful installing the application (altering sources.list etc). When i start the application in gnome, it says continuously "disconnected" / please connect flirc. But my system logs show me it's connected - what did i make wrong?


    log portions:



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