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  1. I'm using my Flirc with a pre-written configuration with an OpenPeak Joggler that does everything I want it to apart from the power button.By this I mean the one that puts it into standby,i.e. pauses playback and switches the screen off.It won't take manual teaching of the power button either,is there a particular reason this one function doesn't work when all others do?


    I'm using a Logitech Squeezebox remote to teach it with which works with all the other functions,but not the main power switch.

  2. Ok thanks for the answer.It worked ok for a few days not losing any of it's settings,but now it doesn't accept any infra red inputs,either in use or when trying to teach it.It's recognised by the Flirc software and lets it be programmed by the saved configuration file and says it was successful,but won't let any buttons be erased or programmed manually.This has happened over night,last night it was working just fine,today it's useless.

  3. Using my Flirc with an 02/Open Peak Joggler running Squeezeplay and it's fine all the time the unit is powered up but in standby mode.When it's powered down over night,it loses it's configuration settings (downloaded from the Joggler forum) and needs to be re-programmed before it'll work again.Is this normal or is the host unit expected to have power permanently on it to backup the Flirc's memory? I hope not as this will be used in a car that will be fully powered down  every night and once installed it won't be possible to take it out every day.

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