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  1. Instead of doing keymappings by hand in XBMC. You can use the Keymap Editor addon from the XBMC repository. It works great....unfortunately, Flirc assigns duplicate ID keys....ESPECIALLY to the touch screen buttons on the Harmony One and it has made using it absolutely dreadful. 


    I also wish there was a feature where you can see a list of the current button configs from Flirc. I am sure everyone doesn't remember what they mapped all of their keys to. I certainly dont.

  2. This is starting to annoy the heck out of me. I literally have to fight with the Flirc interface to get buttons mapped. A lot of the time, buttons end up having the same Key ID somehow even when they are assigned to different functions in the Harmony Remote suite..and I have to spend hours doing random things to get Flirc to register it to another Key ID. Very annoying.


    I am using the Harmony One and would really appreciate if anyone can offer any help to me. Currently, I have the functions I want mapped, but I added three new buttons to the touch screen on the One and tried to set them up in Flirc. At first, everything was fine, I mapped some combo keypresses and thought I was on my way until XBMC/Kodi's keymap editor kept registering the new buttons as being other buttons with the same ID (So, the LiveTV button has the same Key ID as the Guide button.. Therefore, when I press "LiveTV" the Guide function comes up instead). I just wiped the config on the Flirc because everything is screwed up now.... I'd really like to spare myself the headache of working on the config for another few hours just to run into the duplicate ID issue again.


    Also, I constantly have to restart my computer because messing around with these duplicate buttons causes a weird issue where I am no longer able to use my keyboard on my computer to type.



    How are you guys using the Harmony One with this? Is there anyway to get a printout from Flirc of what the current config actually looks like...like what keyboard keys are assigned to the remote and what the corresponding Key ID is for the particular button on the remote?


    What do I need to do? If I turn off bultin profiles in Flirc, the remote is not picked up by XBMC. 



    Im on Windows 8.1 and I am using Kodi V14. Im on the latest firmware on the Flirc. Any help is appreciated.

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