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  1. I don't really care about the MCE one, but it shows the module is working perfectly :) The boxes one however is not the traditional one from boxee itself but for western digital which actually uses IR and has been really populair in this part of Europe (we couldn't even buy the original boxee over here, just WD + Iomega). Tried a few remotes more from tv's etc but it's fairly difficult to have a remote working 100%, double mappings all over the place which irtrans could actually manage. It's like it does only recognize like the first half of the code for which some buttons appear to be the same to the module. So unfortunately for now I'm stuck with the MCE remote + receiver which does work 100%, it's just not what I want.
  2. Just got my flirt module in, software works great... the remotes I tried and especially the one I bought it for not so much. Remote #1: Xiaomi android box remote Home & option button, back & left button can't be distinguished from one another. Sometimes I can learn the buttons alright but they get mixed again after learning always resulting in the same behavior. Sometimes even buttons get swapped. Mostly can't learn all buttons as it says they're already in use. Sometimes Home/Option/Back also get random swapped. This is the remote I wanted to get to work for my raspi. Remote #2 Philips SRM 5100 remote My old mce remote which I wanted to replace, way to many buttons info & mute can't be distinguished from one another, exactly same behavior as remote #1. Also can learn all buttons again after which it can't distinguish between these or some others and upon relearning is says it a;ready exists. No random button swapping with this remote so far I can see. Remote #3 Boxee remote with keyboard on back and buttons up front Don't know where to start with this one, duplicates all over the place. Here the number of random button swappings is enormous. Is there any way I could get remote #1 to work? Deselected 'built-in profiles' from advanced and played with the inter-key delay to no avail. Also tried another room and put my hand over the module to block any interfering light as test. All these remotes work great with the learning irtrans module from my old htpc... so I'm pretty sure in theory they could work alright. xiaomi.fcfg
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