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  1. I have a Harmony Elite, which doesn't have dedicated number buttons.  I'm using a WD TV Live with the Slingplayer.

    I've added my FLIRC to my Harmony profile, my plan was to manually map full keyboard shortcuts so I could get a 0-9 on the touchscreen since, for whatever reason, Harmony does not give me the number functions on the touchscreen.

    However, FLIRC doesn't give me 0-9 in the Harmony options, it just lists "Aspect Ratio - Zoom Normal" which is the Kodi profile.

    The way the Harmony works now, apparently you can only slide things over to the touchscreen that are in the list.  Is there a "full keyboard" FLIRC profile on Harmony?

    I could "teach" the FLIRC the commands but I have no way of getting the 0-9 on the touchscreen it seems unless I can get a FLIRC profile that lists them as well.


  2. This is happening to me.  I'm using Flirc 1.2.6 ... as soon as I "force firmware" the program immediately goes to "Not Responding" and I have to manually close it (even if I let it sit hours).


    I have tried the zadig utility as well to update the drive, same issue after driver update.  As there any other ways to update the firmware, I'm trying to get the Harmony profile working and I think I can only get that with this beta.

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