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  1. Well... apparently this has turned into my own personal thread. Long and short, it worked perfectly. No crazy attempts of recording twice needed.
  2. May have found an answer to my own question here.. Have to give it a shot tonight.. http://blog.flirc.tv/flirc-has-a-harmony-profile/ Comments also said to make sure and use Flirc as a manufacturer and XBMC as the model in myharmony.com. Then in Flirc clear out the current config and in the advanced settings check "Builtin Profiles". Hopefully this will work.
  3. I too would love to get this going. I just purchased my Flirc a few days ago. I have gotten it to work with the hub... kinda. I have the Harmony Ultimate so on my remote I went into the settings and then into the area where you specify where the IR comes from and set it for that device to come from the remote instead of the hub. Then I programmed Flirc and set the remote back to IR broadcast from the hub. I could have taken my laptop to my theater room but I'm lazy. ;) I did find that in the remote settings if I had "All" as my IR broadcast then nothing came out of the remote, it was all from the hub. Now... If someone could just point me in the right direction for not needing to press every button twice for XBMC to do something I'd be all set. I've read that I need to program each button twice but when I press it says the button is recorded.. Does that imply I need to press the button on the remote again and Flirc is still recording or do I record, then re-record the button yet again. Hard one to describe in words.. A video would be nice.
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