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  1. I decided to delete my saved config, thinking that hey there could be something wrong with the clear function. This seemed to have worked! So if anyone is getting "no space for new keys" or the key presses aren't being recorded try deleting your config if you have one.
  2. Thanks for the reply. :) I'm using 64bit windows 7.
  3. Hello. I finally got my Flirc yesterday, it was easy to setup and worked pretty decently. Yay much excite! A few hours later I kept getting infinite key presses. I tried remapping (separately) the keys with both a panasonic and samsung remote (2012) neither worked. I read on the forums that a forced firmware update could fix this, so I tried that. Now it seems to record key presses (only when i hit go on the simple remote). When I got to use the remote nothing happens. When i try to map keys again i get some kind of key already mapped error. Now its not picking up anything. I've tried everything I can think of, please help. :(
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