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  1. Just in case you thought that v1.2.3 solved the problem: Still the same problem.
  2. Uhm ... hello? Do I only get an answer if I post twice every time?
  3. Sure. But I haven't used that software before. A short explanation and a date and time would be good. :-)
  4. I didn't know that you are an "one man army". :o My sincere apologizes! If this is the case, then you are actually doing a great job! I already tried that suggested utility without any success. The device is enlisted in Windows 8.1's Device Manager as bootldr but still the GUI can't establish a constant connection. It always switches forth and back. Same under Mac OS 10.9.2 by the way. Anything else I could do to help you with the troubleshooting?
  5. So pictures are more important than a buggy Flirc () ... I think i should post that on Amazon ... -.-
  6. After unplugging the working FLIRC once and plugging it in again it stopped working. The GUI of v1.2.2 switches between: "Could not upgrade firmware. Contact support." and "Bootloader detected." Also there is a line saying: "Bootloader v-16.-16". It is not possible to "Force FW Upgrade" under "Advanced".
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