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  1. The issue is the GUI, 1.2.2 is no good at all. I had the same symptoms. Now here is what I did: 1. used flirc_util.exe reboot flirc_util.exe format flirc_util.exe keys - showed no keys flirc_util.exe load_config (I saved it before) Now flirc_util.exe keys - did show keys, but flirc did not accept my harmony remote did another flirc_util.exe format and now all my keys are back If at ANY time, I start the GUI, every keypress, disconnects the flirc The GUI is no good, cannot record,delete anything from it. I installed the driver as explained, still GUI is the issue I am using Windows 7 64 bit Hope you fix this issue soon (I have 3 flirc devices) Tried on zotac running openelec, rpi. windows 7 - GUI IS NOT GOOD
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