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  1. in my experience the Harmony setup is the most convoluted complicated program I've ever had to use.

    Totally agree! The two step device then activity setup whilst making a lot of sense seems to confuse me nearly every time. Not to mention the seemingly endless wizards for nearly every step or alteration you need to make!


    At home I have a table with all my key assignments on it, I'll try and post it over the weekend.

    That would be very handy. What I'm lacking at the moment is either how to just map keys / key combinations or something that tells that when the Harmony setup says 'Zoom+' what that actually means in XBMC!

  2. Ok, I've only been using Flirc for about 3 hours so far with my Harmony One. 


    After initial setup I also noticed that some of the buttons on the Harmony remote weren't doing anything, but instead of trying to map them in Flirc I instead added some mappings in 'Activities' (not the 'Devices') tab of the Harmony Remote software.


    I edited the new activity I'd just set up (called XBMC) by clicking Customize Buttons. The top button (for example) is 'Menu' which I set using the dropdown to Device = Media Center PC and Command = ContextMenu. 


    I have noticed that the buttons on the Harmony do not seem to activate the controls on my XBMC screen, so proceeded to map some buttons manually from the Flirc software to button presses on my Harmony remote – after a while I noticed that not all buttons were able to be mapped as the XBMC grid within the Flirc software (File, Controllers,XBMC) did not have a button for Context Menu, Toggle Fullscreen, Fullscreeen etc..


    I'm not running any beta software and I've not installed an add-on in XBMC. 


    What might be confusing the issue is that the Harmony remote uses it's own setup software that adds an extra bit of confusion to the whole thing. Fullscreen for example is a touchscreen button on my Harmony One and is not mapped to a specific hardware button. 

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