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  1. Yeah just in case someone else is having this problem:

    The Harmony software maps buttons in 2 places...the devices tab and the activity tab. If you want to control it using the activity you have to hit customize buttons in the activity tab and setup all your buttons there before programming the flirc.

    Also make sure you have the activity started when programming flirc and not the device on the remote.

    Hope this makes sense.

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  2. Any idea why this isn't working for me? I made the shortcut and moved it to the Documents folder where I want to keep it. When I double click on the shortcut the computer goes to sleep. So I know the shortcut works.

    I right clicked on it and set the shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+S and when I press that on the keyboard nothing happens...

    I don't understand why it isn't working I have XBMC set up to use Ctrl+Alt+x and that shortcut works fine, but the one for sleep won't do anything.

    Any ideas?

    I'm on Windows 7 32 Bit btw

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