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  1. Interesting. Sounds extremely difficult if not impossible to have a perfect solution for every single remote out there. Personally, I would love to be able to tweak this myself to get perfect repeat detection with my own remote, rather than a mediocre catch-all solution. I understand the desire to have flirc be as easy as possible to setup but, perhaps, as the community grows, we could help develop "profiles" for specific remotes that are selectable in the GUI that have the necessary settings ready to go. In other words, help us help you B)
  2. Okay so I was able to get around this by going into my DirecTV receiver's remote setup menu. Instead of trying to find a device to emulate on AV1 (none of them seemed to give full layout support as OP mentioned) I just chose to do the Multi-receiver setup instead. It had me program my main receiver using a code of 00001. I then switched to AV1 on the remote and programmed that to 00002. Problem solved. It let me use all the buttons for Flirc on Av1 while leaving my receiver alone.
  3. I was having this problem too. Time to experiment with codes via the receiver options I guess :(
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