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  1. Silence, No feedback or reply or solution provided. Regret that I will therefore have to return the product. Pity, because if it worked, it is just what I want.
  2. Just received flirc Having similar problems With kubuntu - 0.95 never showed "connected" With win7 - 0.96 never showed "connected" With XP - 0.96 never showed "connected" With XP - c1.05 eventually got "connected" May be concidence but just after much wiggling USB connector - device coming and going in devices list.... Then first key train worked, 2nd etc failed "button already exists" Cleared all function had not beneficial effect Upgraded firmware to 2.0 Still would not proceed past first train attempt. Did 2 things that made a change: Changed value in advanced drop down from 6 -> 1 (I think from memory) Started pointing remote so that line of site not available (pc under table, remote above table pointing well away) Then process seemed to work - xmbc config, remote Humax foxsat HDR with DVD selected All seemed to go ok - but result Fliirc does not work with RPI -> OpenElec -> Xbmc Allready spent long long time. Not looking good.....
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