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  1. Hello Jason, None of the keys pressed on the harmony generate a response on the Raspberry side with the 2.2 firmware. It's fine with the 2.1 except the audio next key. Edvins, for your information the 2.1 firmware is available un the 1.1.5 version that I downloaded a few days ago and kept in my download folder. I don't know how to find older version of the flirc software on the website.
  2. Hello, I encounter an issue with 2.2 firmware. It doesn't work with my raspberry with raspbmc (I use a Harmny 550 remote). I succeed to revert to 2.1 firmware and it's working again (only the "next audio" feature doesn't work). Is this issues already detected ? How can I help you to correct it ? Regards, Zidera
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