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  1. Thanks digitalboy. Openelec is a closed system so I don't think you can do that.

    Someone in the openelec IRC channel suggested that I save the following as blabla.power in storage/.xbmc/addons/blabla.suspend.blablabla/sleep.d/

    . /etc/profile
    REMOVE_MODULES="ehci_hcd uhci_hcd usbcore"
    case "$1" in
        for module in $REMOVE_MODULES ; do
          rmmod -w $module
        for module in $REMOVE_MODULES ; do
          modprobe $module

    Does that make any sense to you?

  2. A little more detail, in case it helps.

    At the front: USB2 socket and USB3 socket

    At the back: USB2 socket

    The problem will occur in either of the USB2 sockets. When that happens, if I take the flirc out and put it back in the same socket then the system doesn't find it. If I plug it into one of the other sockets then it does find it.

    I can't use the USB3 socket because it's not recognised in suspend mode.

    I don't have the ability to try the other flirc as my wife is watching TV!

  3. I love you guys. So quick and helpful. And a wonderfully simple yet clever device that I've recommended to friends.

    I'm embarrassed to admit that a simple upgrade to v6 firmware appears to have done the trick. I think at some point I installed media keys firmware, which I think hurt it. I found it hard to establish which firmware I should be using.

    Working 100% now I think.

  4. I have two Zboxes, two flircs. They both run OpenELEC Eden. Only one works as it should.

    The other lets me operate XBMC perfectly with a remote until after it resumes from a suspend. The resume itself is fine and goes back to the home screen, but the remote no longer operates XBMC.

    Anyone know why this should be happening. I've tried the regular firmware and the latest beta.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. No. Not especially. Maybe four button pushes in a second.

    I have two xbmc setups: both use the same remote; both exhibit the same problem. Would it be worth trying a different remote and/or a different remote configuration for the One For All? Is it something you've heard of before?

    BTW Jason, excellent idea well implemented.

  6. I have a One For All URC-7960, which is a universal remote control. For XBMC I use flirc and configure the One For All to be a SONY RMT-D248P DVD player remote. i.e. the One For All remote is emulating a Sony DVD remote.

    My problem is that when I push the a button down three times, e.g. to move three places lower in a list, it moves one place down, pauses for half a second and then whizzes down six or seven places. It acts like I've held down the button. I want it to respond to individual button pushes. Anyone else seen this? Suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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