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  1. Thanks, that looks like exectly what I was looking to do...only much easier because somebody else already did it. :-) Since I posted I did some more reading and found out the Kodi can run pyton scripts from the keyboard.xml file and  managed to get it to do What I wanted from there, but trigger happy looks like it will be better since it is at the system level and doesn't count on kodi running.

  2. Hi all,


    I have an idea and I'm not sure where to get started. My idea is to create a linux daemon that would intercept keyboard combinations (ctrl-shift-1 for example) and toggle a GPIO pin on the raspberry Pi or increase/decrease PWM. I would like to use it to control LED light strings and close motor driven curtains while running Kodi. With this kind of daemon I could use any button on any remote to issue the keyboard combinations through my Flirc.


    Any way, what I would like to know is does this sound feasable and how hard would it be?


    Kevin Fonda

  3. I think you 2 guys are talking about different things here. I'm pretty sure the HP keyboard/mouse combo you are talking about uses RF, not IR. I don't think you can use that with the Flirc, you would have to get a replacement reciever from HP. Take a look at this thread from their support site. http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-HP-Consumer-Products-and-Technologies/HP-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-Dongle/td-p/604857

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