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  1. Hi, so from what I can see there's been no response from any member as listed in the staff directory for ages on any of the many topics and issues that have been raised. Is this project dead like the batteries in my remote? It takes very little to post something, even if it's an update saying other life priorities have come up and you have to take step back for a period; at least let us know. As it stands my remote is effectively useless because it never last more than a few days on batteries. I can even take the batteries out and use in other remotes sometimes so it's not simply the batteries are completely flat, they're just drained to a point lower than the remote needs. From what I can tell many people have provided crucial feedback to help work out some of the issues, and at this point it just feels like you're using people for free testing on a product that really isn't fit for purpose at the moment. Just be honest about where the product is and your commitment to it.
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