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  1. Very nice hardware, but: Most new Skip 1s users have probably had extensive experiences with a programmable remotes, like the Logitech (or another brand) and where looking to replace those. Hence the Skip 1s. In this relatively young form I've already found several users having trouble with changing Activities, as did I. Changing an activity from A to B or C should also be able to change the HDMI input on your TV as well as changing the power states of used/unused devices, without using the Top Power button. When pressing buttons A B C, the most basic function they should perform is changing those parameters. Given your users past experience, it's also what they expect those programmable button can do. There should be no workarounds necessary, as I've seen posted. That's not intuitive at all. An experienced may be able to use that, but imagine what the WAF would be like. So, I'll ask the developers directly; Will, in the very near future, the ABC buttons be made programmable to do that and not just via the Power button? Some other issues I've encountered: When my Windows PC or my Laptop resumes from a sleep state, the remote remains disconnected. Reinserting the USB cable makes no difference. You'll need to restart the software again. When creating a new activity by choosing a default one and then renaming it, the textbox looses focus if you'll enter a space. I'm using a Nvidia Shield. Why is there a limited number of programmable options? There's no (context)menu button for instance and what does 'Shield' do? Maybe enable the option to hide the tips window (Seasoned users would have known all its features after a while) For those who don't, re-enable the tooltip as to what the 4dot menu in the buttons panel section does (as seen on previous video's)
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