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fwiw, both the Flirc and Forum.Flirc site have a major problem with reCaptcha preventing legitimate access to the forum and other Flirc locations where it is used.

In addition to reCaptcha's general frustration factor, on this site, it is apparently mis-configured so that it cascades the difficulty in getting approved every time that it is used... for example, when it is used to sign up for the main site, the difficulty for signing up for the forum is increased.

If you make a mistake (such as not knowing the "company name") the difficulty in passing reCaptcha increases exponentially with each try until reCaptcha simply continues to present images without an approval.

It appears that your site stores reCaptcha result history in cookies which are then used to increase the reCaptcha difficulty level with each subsequent attempt sign up or access site features.

Flirc's door is therefore essentially barricaded to newbies.

Beverly Howard

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