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Flirc SE + Harmony Remote, all Activities start HTPC

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I have just replaced my Flirc with the Flirc SE for the additional power related functions with my HTPC case.

I setup the Harmony power button with the Flirc v3.5.2 software as follows:-

Controllers > Flirc Streacom Edition > Click Key to Start Recording > Selected Power Button (Only option)

I then pressed the Power button on the Harmony Remote, the button is registered and HTPC is shut down.


The HTPC Activity correctly turns on/off the PC as required along with other equipment, but unfortunately all other Activity's also turn on the HTPC regardless if it's required or not within the selected Activity.

e.g. Watch TV Activity also  turns on the HTPC (but it's not required)


I have browsed the net and the Flirc forums and unable to find a solution.


Thanks in Advance

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