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how to bind multiple keypresses to one button?

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i just bought a flirc usb and trying to set it up.

the setup is very easy indeed, but i have one thing i just cant find any solution for. so i thought id ask here and see if you could help me.


i want to bind one button on the remote to "ctrl + windows key + arrow right" and one button for(almost) the same, but arrow left instead of right.

this is the  keys used to switch between virtual desktops in windows 10. 


is there any way of doing this? either in the flirc software or with any third-party software?

i saw something on the mainpage about marcos, but as i understand that is something "to come"?

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Ctrl and Win keys are modifiers. You can add them to any non-modifier key. Open Flirc GUI and go to Full Keyboard controller. In the app, click on the Ctrl key, then click on the Win key and then click on either left or right arrow key.

Key sequences (or macros) are coming sometime in the future for 2nd gen Flirc and will allow sequencing multiple keys (for example it will allow writing a predefined word with a single button press).

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