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macOS Brightness Controls with Flirc

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I just got a Flirc 2.0 and I have  gotten everything I really wanted working when I bought it, however I was hoping to get the last 2 buttons on my remote to work for something.

I have an iMac that I wanted to use the old white plastic IR remotes with.

I got the sound functions through the media controls, and pause function through the Keyboard(space) control working

I would love to get the Brightness Controls with the last 2 buttons I have left on the remote.

However, I can't figure out how to map to those buttons. I did some research and saw that on a regular PC keyboard the Scroll Lock and Pause button can trigger these. https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/101230/how-can-i-increase-brightness-on-mac-without-mac-keyboard

Macs are F1 and F2 (i'm guessing using the Fn key)

any ideas on how to do this, I have not been able to figure out how to do it.

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