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Having problems trying to add an extra key with Logitech

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JohnWB    0

i am using a Logitech one plus Flirc (XBMC Profile) with my Wetek Play 2 and it all works fine apart from one thing.

I have been trying to add a key to change the audio language using KeyMap Editor the but the command for that is "AudioNextLanguage" which does not work.

If I use my wireless keyboard and press Control + A then that works fine.

is there a way to add that command to the Flirc command list somehow .

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yawor    57

You don't need KeyMap Editor for that. If you are able to change the language using Ctrl + A, then connect your Flirc to your PC and use Flirc GUI to program Ctrl + A (on full keyboard controller in the GUI) to one of the remote's buttons. You're probably going to need to do some extra configuration on your Harmony remote by adding custom keys to remote's layout, but I can't help you with that (I don't know much about Harmony).

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