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map IR to run file

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at the moment i usually use AutoHotKey in order to cause a key combination to let's say open up Plex on my windows PC, or maybe WinAmp.

it would be nice if I could forego AutoHotKey and just map an IR command to run any file (execuable, batch, script,...).

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This can't be done with Flirc hardware alone. It acts as an USB keyboard and you can't run some script or app by pressing a keyboard key unless you also have some keyboard app/driver installed in the system (like Logitech's SetPoint software dedicated for their hardware). In your case the AutoHotKey is exactly that. It provides you with an ability to map a key to an executable. There are many alternative apps which can also do that like EventGhost for example. Flirc GUI is for programming only and doesn't provide any run time functionality.

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