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Highlight keys in keyboard layout


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I found keyboard layout to be quite tedious. Would it be possible to highlight the keys that have already been synced with Flirc, in the GUI? I realize it would possibly mean being able to get feedback from the Flirc as to which keys are already synced, but maybe if a device could be set up like a new document, for example: I would choose: new keyboard layout, name the new device settings and the particular layout could remember which keys are synced without needing any feedback from the Flirc. Would that be possible?

Also: being able to associate different default keyboard layouts would be just great.


Also, clicking away the message that appears when a key is already saved is quite annoying. A Growl-like floating window that disappears by itself after 2-3 seconds would be much more enjoyable.

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You have some nice ideas. I like the idea of showing in the GUI which keys are assigned already but there is a problem with highlighting them on the virtual keyboard. You can have some buttons mapped to keys with modifiers and I just don't see a way how to present them all highlighted at once.

The problem with keyboard layouts is very well known already but supporting them all is very hard to a single programmer. It would be nice for GUI to support pluggable layouts which would allow to create them by the people on the forum and share them with others. Maybe some online repository of layouts which could be downloaded into the GUI could be nice.

I agree that messages could be better :-).

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