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I've just installed Flirc and, apart from the fact that I was using a remote that sucked, it seems to be working fine. Problem though, is that I'm missing quite a few buttons for MediaCenter, for example the button to go to the main menu of MCE and the right-click mouse button, which one uses quite often in MCE. Also there's no record-button.


I may be wrong, but to me these three buttons (I can think of a few more, but that's for later) seem to me to be quite essential for use of MCE.


Would most appreciate it if these could be added to the software (or, if they are there and I somehow missed them, could someone tell me how to find them?)




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I have the same favour to ask as EricJ.


As I am using the Flirc with a universal remote control on my Raspberry pi, one of the buttons I miss as well, is the right - click mouse button.
Would be great if it could be included in a future update. 

Thank you as well

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I just made a post about this too. I need the record, windows, asterisk, and pound key. I thought this would mirror a media center remote exactly but it doesn't. A little disappointed on that aspect.

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