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  1. It does thanks a lot, I should really have tried a little harder before asking to be honest! For future reference, the Microsoft PC remote works but I had to re map the menu and power buttons to an old remote I had laying around to stop my 360 coming on every time I tried to use my XBMC lol. Happy with this now makes the rpi feel like a "proper" htpc now.
  2. Hi All, Excited to get my FLIRC up and running, I'm having a bit of an issue setting it up though. Obviously everyone seems to have a Harmony remote but I've always had a Phillips Prestigo SRU 8015 http://www.philips.co.uk/c/remote-control/prestigo-15-in-1-sru8015_10/prd/ What I want to do is create a new device on the remote itself and program that device with the FLIRC app. My question is, which other device already has a remote that has all the functions of XBMC so I can program it over this? Alternatively is their a way to get FLIRC to send the signal of the button press to the remote? My remote "learns" by selecting the button on the Prestigo then pressing the button you want to learn on the device remote. It picks up the signal from the current device remote, can FLIRC do this too or do I need to find a device with a remote that coincides with XBMC? Thanks
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